Herbarium Embroidered Collar by Amanda McCavour

Herbarium Embroidered Collar by Amanda McCavour

This collar embroidery was inspired by pressed leaves of Prairie Smoke plant specimens that artist Amanda McCavour found while researching and drawing in the Wisconsin State Herbarium. She was also inspired by vintage lace collars.  Created with line drawings in mind, this embroidery can be placed on a round collared top or dress, creating an embroidered wreath-like design. The embroidery uses simple couching stitches and torn cotton voile strips to create a stitch "sketch" and can be stitched on any found or favourite garment. Amanda wanted the embroidery to have the feeling of a drawing, "I want this work to feel like a sketch, and I embrace the variety of lines created in my piece by using torn fabric and hand stitching."

Elements of the design can also be placed on pockets, hems, cuff or sleeve, or on a bag - they would make great hair ornaments too! 

Amanda's work as an artist focuses on stitch, and she creates amazing large-scale installation works. Her work speaks to themes of memory, environment, colour and line. Check out her beautiful work here! 


Photo by Celine Kim

Rachel rachelmachenry@gmail.com

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