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Ideas & Inspiration

Preparing fabric for smocking for the English Smock, one of the Folkwear Sewing Patterns we are testing in Botanica Tinctoria materials.  Organic Cotton Voile in Terra Cotta, with stitching in Eri Silk Embroidery thread in Eggplant. https://www.folkwear.com/ 

Our first Folkwear Sewing Pattern collaboration: the Old Mexico Dress, shown here in Light Grey Organic Cotton Voile with embroidery in Soft Yellow and Dark Grey Eri Silk Embroidery Thread.  https://www.folkwear.com/ 

Hand Crocheted edgings on Organic Cotton Voile: our lace edgings are hand crocheted by artisans who are members of a women's co-operative in eastern India.  Many of the patterns date back to the late 1800's and have been maintained in sample books.


 Hand Crochet Edgings on Organic Cotton Voile

Embroidered creatures from drawings by Michelangelo Iffaldano. Upcycled vintage menswear embroidered with Eri Organic Silk Embroidery Threads. Vintage silk ties with Organic Voile fabric appliques, embroidered with Eri Organic Silk Embroidery Threads.

Embroideries from Drawings by Michelangelo Iffaldano. Vintage men's silk ties with organic cotton voile applique and Eri silk embroidery.  


Moustache Men Ties from drawings by Noah Gehman. Vintage men's silk ties with organic cotton voile applique and Eri silk embroidery.  

Eyelet Embroidery and Touches of Colour...


Blouses upcycled from men's shirts.

Using Madder Red, Madder Rose, and Terra Cotta Voile; Decorative eyelets in Mid Indigo Eri Silk Embroidery Thread; Little ball edging made from Mid Indigo, Light Indigo and Leaf Green Voile with tie closure from Mid Indigo Ribbon.