Eri Silk Fabric


This very special and beautiful hand-woven Eri silk fabric is made from organic hand spun thread that is naturally dyed with forest-gathered plants. The fabric is 100cm in width, and is available in 0.25m increments in seven colours: Rice Straw, Tea Leaves, Clementine, Berry, Melon (both warp and weft threads dyed) and in Indigo Blue and Iron Grey with the warp threads undyed, natural Eri and the weft dyed in blue or grey, giving the fabric a tonal quality. 

Handspun threads mean that there is a lot of texture to the fabric, and unlike other silks, Eri silk has a slightly textured feeling, although it is not at all irritating to the skin. The fabric has a lovely hand and drape.  Produced from start to finish by hand in forest-dependent communities in Assam, India with 7Weaves.

Available in 0.25 metre increments.  Please let me know if you would prefer me to cut a fat quarter or a running quarter.

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