Eyelet Lace

Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified) Eyelet Lace in 2 cm, 2.5 cm, 2.75 cm and 7.5 cm widths, available in 14 naturally dyed colours. Please note: embroidery thread on lace is conventional cotton. These eyelet lace edgings and trims are suitable for insets and trims on blouses, tunics and dresses, and are perfect for children's wear and vintage-inspired designs.
Eyelet Lace
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Eyelet Lace Insertion 2cm.
Eyelet Lace 2.5 cm.
Eyelet Lace 2.75 cm.
Eyelet Lace 7.5 cm.
White 7.5 cm Eyelet Lace
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2.5 Eyelet Lace
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2.75 White Eyelet Lace
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