Summer Embroidery Pack


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Our summer embroidery pack includes a selection from all of our different threads in a lovely floral colour palette, plus linen, cotton voile, and handspun Eri silk fabric swatches, our beautiful printed Stitch Guide, and a small block of natural beeswax to ease your stitching.  Perfect if you want to try out the various threads and fabrics, or for patchwork, mending or small embroidery projects. Each kit contains: 

1x Natural Ontario Beeswax Block, 7.5cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm / 3" x 1" x 5/8"

1x Botanica Tinctoria Stitch Guide

2x Oeko-Tex Naturally Dyed Linen in Soft Yellow and Madder Rose, Approx. measurements: 14cm x 9 cm / 5 1/2" x 3 1/2".

2x Handwoven Organic Eri Silk Fabrics in Berry and Melon, Approx. measurements: 18cm x 12cm / 7" x 4 3/4"

1x Organic Cotton Voile Fabrics in Terra Cotta, Approx. measurements: 10cm x 15 cm / 4" x 6" each.

1x Organic Cotton Sashiko Mini Skein, Ochre, 5 metres / 5.5 yards each.

1x Organic Cotton Perle Cotton Mini Skein, Natural, 5 metres / 5.5 yards each.

1x Organic Cotton Perle Embroidery 2-ply Thread on card in Lavender. 15 metres / 16.5 yards.

1x Oeko-Tex Linen Thread on card in Soft Yellow. 10 m / 10.9 yards.

1x Handspun Organic Eri Silk Thread skein in Tea Leaves. 68 m / 74 yards.

1x Hand-crocheted Lace Edging in Madder Rose. 1 m / 1 yard.

3x Organic Cotton Voile Strips, Terra Cotta, Madder Red and Madder Rose, 1.58 metres / 62" each.

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