Introducing Botanica Tinctoria Patterns

Introducing Botanica Tinctoria Patterns

Our three new children's wear sewing patterns each focuses on a different handwork technique updated for contemporary wear and includes step-by-step instructions and diagrams leading you through both sewing and handwork details.

The Embroidered Yoke Dress is based on traditional embroidered blouses and includes sized templates for hand embroidery. The pattern shows you how to do three stitches - chain stitch, satin stitch and French knots - to create the yoke design.

For the Inset Ribbon Yoke Dress, there are also sized templates showing you the layout of the ribbons with instructions on how to sew the insets. This technique comes from Victorian-era garments like camisoles, blouses and shifts.

The Sashiko Bodice Dress, based on Japanese traditions of layered and stitched textiles, includes layouts showing the stitch placement for each size, plus instructions and diagrams for the hand stitching and construction details of the dress. 

We have more ideas in development and will be creating  additional  patterns as well as stand-alone embroidery designs for you to use on existing or vintage garments!

Isabel Stukator

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