New Embroidery Threads Arriving!

New Embroidery Threads Arriving!

We've been working to develop a whole range of new threads for stitching, mending, embroidery and Sashiko! First up, our beautiful new stranded Linen Embroidery Threads, put up in 10 metres per card. This thread can be separated for finer stitching, or strands can be mixed for blended colour. Smooth and easy to use, the linen takes up the natural dyes for rich, deep colours.

We're also thrilled to introduce you to our new organic cotton Sashiko Thread, also in 14 naturally-dyed colours.  This 2-ply thread is great for Sashiko stitching, visible mending, embroidery and even for fine crochet, and it's available in 20 metre hanks.

And, we've got a very special thread in development: our organic Hand-spun Eri Silk Threads are made by the artisans of 7Weaves, in Assam India, and they are naturally-dyed with plants collected by these forest-dependent communities. The threads are very fine, and can be used singly or stranded for stitching and embroidery, or for very fine crochet work. As they are handspun on drop spindles, they are slightly textured, which is part of their charm. The colours are subtle, rich, nuanced and very beautiful. 

To go along with all these new threads, we're introducing a lovely handwoven lidded thread basket.  Made from Water Hyacinth fibre, the baskets are designed and woven by the skilled artisans of Simang Collective in Assam India.  

Simang Collective is part of an initiative to protect biodiversity in the wetlands of the Deeporbeel Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam. The fishing communities of Deeporbeel have shared the wetland for centuries, following successful community-led biodiversity management practices to live in balance within the natural world.

Each basket is woven by hand, and there is some variation in sizing. Approximate measurements: 22 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm / 9" x 5 1/2" x 2"


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