Introducing Ruth Wickremesooriya

Introducing Ruth Wickremesooriya

Ruth Wickremesooriya was born and raised in the UK, and is now living in Toronto, where she is involved in many areas of textile design and making. She is the 2017 winner of the Abury Design Experience, an international design competition which saw her travel to Ethiopia to develop a capsule collection in collaboration with the artisan weavers of Sabahar.  Ruth values textiles as a connecting point between people, and has learned and taught alongside weavers in Albania and Sri Lanka as well as Ethiopia. She also collaborates with Upper Canada Weaving to produce handwoven cloth, some of which was seen on the catwalk during Toronto's Fashion Week for the Peggy Sue Collection. In developing the Botanical Table: Indigo Collection, Ruth has made use of drawing and embroidery to create a spectacular collection of linens for you to stitch.

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