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08 Jan '16

Eri Silk Embroidery Threads

Our Eri Silk Embroidery Threads are among our most popular items. The organic Eri silk is raised and spun by indigenous communities in Jharkhand, India as part of a local economic initiative.  The beautiful, harmonious colours are all dyed using natural dyes in our closed loop dyeing system.  The stranded threads are smooth and easy to work with - you can choose to stitch with a single strand or all 8 strands, making them ideal for blending - and your embroidery will be lustrous, not shiny, giving a very contemporary look to your stitching.

26 Oct '15

Weaving the Fabrics We Wear

In September, Botanica Tinctoria took part in the Sustainable Angle's Future Fabrics Expo in London.  Below is an excerpt from "Weaving the Fabrics We Wear", from the Sustainable Fashion Blog.  Check out the beautiful fabrics from the London Cloth Company and Avani Kumaon!  http://sustainable-fashion.com/blog/weaving-the-fabrics-we-wear/

"The fibres we choose to weave or knit fabrics with can be accountable for a great deal of their negative or positive environmental impact. The beauty of textiles weaving in particular is that a myriad of raw materials can be used to create the most intricate, textured, unique and sustainable materials. Some of the best sustainable fibre examples include naturally dyed organic cotton from Botanica Tinctoria, hand spun wools sourced from British conservation flocks used by the London Cloth Company, and low-impact locally cultivated Indian silk from Avani Kumaon. These are among dozens of mills and designers around the world which are working to reduce their environmental impact, many of which are being showcased by The Sustainable Angle at the Future Fabrics Expo."


01 Oct '15

Eloise Ptito-Echeverria & the Huipil

Botanica Tinctoria recently sponsored the wonderfully talented young designer Eloise Ptito-Echeverria.  Eloise, who has a background in Fine Arts and is now in her third year studying Fashion, has been exploring her cultural roots through the traditional "huipil" blouse, worn by women throughout South America. She says, "the huipil is an extraordinary silhouette and textile canvas for me to express myself with and to branch off from creatively." Using our Eri Silk embroidery threads, Eloise has hand stitched lyrics from artist Lido Pimienta's song, "Mueve", a work she finds deeply inspiring, "Only your soul will save you."